About Breathe 406 - Suicide Prevention

When I was around the age of 12 years old I was sitting on the floor at a friends house, feeling completely alone. I wanted to build a house that was a mile by mile (not knowing how big that is) to be a place that people could come to get hugs and eat peanut M&Ms. At that time I was in a dark place and wanted to become the person that I needed and wanted. Fast forward to now, I have survived 5 suicides plus one of a young man I knew, from the age of 17 to today. Breathe, Let's Start a Conversation has been built on the idea that no one should suffer alone and that we all need to help. We want to not only be a place to find and offer resources but a place to offer hope for those not only battling ideations but have suffered a loss.

-Jamie Eastwood